The Problem: How to store lots of information in systematic way? And how to meake it accesable and searchable?

Everywhere where lot of knowledge is present there is problem of collecting and ordering. But even bigger is problem of searching in it and making it useful for forther usage.

Modern information technology is capable to handle virtually unlimited amount of informations, fact and knowledge. There just have to be right system, program, art of database.

How it should work:

For each fact, statement, bit of knowledge or a theorie there should be a short record. Just one sentence mostly paragraph. Corelated to it there shell be informations like:

  • Who  crated it (authors, contributors, input maker, founders, patrons,…)
  • Background (causes, methods, …)
  • Classification (fields, connected facts (before/after, superior/subordinate, usage, application,…)…
  • Links and references to internal and external forther informations
  • Hierarchy of related topic (there is sure arbitrary)
  • Different tags, notions and similar.

Database could be searched in diverse ways. By found fact you have possibility to see all of it context.

Such database would be very useful for passing knowledge many fields like Science and medicine (see extra-concepts).

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