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You surely have some questions in life.

Search our guide to get some understanding on your topic. You explore the Imperfect Life guide trough menu or build-in search engine.
Give it a try! You should be richer on inside when you leave, regardless of what you know when you came here!


On this site you CAN:
– expand your way of thinking,
– get new knowledge and understanding
– acquire some wisdom or
– just get an impression of the context of certain topics.


The more you give the more you get, so Cooperate !

Contribute! And everyone is welcome to make the Imperfect life-guide better!

Like on some other related sites you can participate:

  1. You can just leave a comment under the article. We will include the suggested content into the article.
  2. You can live as a message.
  3. You can register. This way you gain access to add new articles or edit existing ones. You also gain access to contents under development.

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