Example Bible

Example that show idea of database and data representation.

Bible (or similar records):

  • have many different oldest preserved sources (translations),
  • is translated into lots of languages,
  • have good accepted passage structure,
  • its passages and paragraph have corresponding:
  1. most original preserved source
  2. explanations and commentary ,
  3. contradicting explanations and rational reasoning for and against,
  4. relations and connections to other passages,
  5. derivative stories and related legends,
  6. visual presentations.
  7. related books and other written material.

Biblija.netHow it could be presented:

– Good example to start is on biblija.net (image on right). You can chose  different translations, comantary and refferences  to display one beside another.
– To this reach functionality  of  “mouse over” display  could be added to show things listed above (point 1.-6.). In passage text small symbols reflect art of information, but colours of symbols indicate different source (eg. catholic  protestant, scientific, translators,…).
User can chose what informations he want to be displayed.
Special view would be: most original text ( Like are Greek translations of Aramaic text) and chosen language of translation one beside another. Each word of original text have on mouse:  meaning of the word and phrases it was used in.
Thereby feeling of original language could be felt. You see its structure, syntax, words and how it was written. From that view even professionally bible translators could benefit a lot.
Under each passage comments are allowed and comment wiki is created by community.

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