Example cell signalling

Cell signalling is really complex system  (just as life seems to be).

Two random examples:

cellsignal-mapk ivanovfig1









In cell signalling many different molecules, structures and ions are involved. For each of that factors one can define:

  • All about chemical structure, it reactivity and other characteristics,
  • what functions it can accomplish in cell signalling,
  • what are other factors influencing it’s functionalities,
  • how it was explored (all original papers published):
    1. who discovered it (author/s),
    2. in what living being and in what cell type was it,
    3. what material and method was used,…

Database of all that informations would be used to display interactively:

  • Selected factor in the middle. Events before that factor above  event after that below, left and right all cofactors, conditions and related informations. User can surf trough signalling pathways with one factor always in the middle.
  • User can zoomout to get overview of pathways, and specify about which group of organism or cell type data shell be displayed.
  • If all data is displayed it would get pretty messy. So user can select which informations are interesting for him and displayed. Data like about exploration  are displayed on “mouse over”.




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