Concept development

How it come that I started this project in the first place?

I have been observing people around me, listening to them with bouth ears, looking with bouth eyes with empathy.

  • I noticed lot of covered suffering, insecurity.
  • People running in circles not willing to admit they are in trouble.
  • Ego is making trouble: People rather hear what they want then what is true. …
  • Planty of time is wasted.
Going to University I expected wisdom and truth. But it was predominantly only “Science” there.

  • It is not so important what is right, but who. (flamewar-ing on definitions, sticking to hypothesis,…)
  • It is not important what you write in scientific paper, but how.
  • The quantity of scholars is rising, but the level of knowledge passed, understanding acquired is falling.


There are some faults of society that that don’t let me indiferenten.

As I can not go trough life indifferent I thought what to do.

  • Best would be to write short book make things obvious. But life is too complicated, or better people make it so, that everything could be fitted into some pages so that everyone could grab it. And how to first organise all material?
  • I started to gather some material on my computer, sorting it into files and folders.
  • To organise it I started to use HTML/XML and than I switched to CMS (Joomla!) and make it online. I switched to WordPress in 2013.
  • Next  step would be to develop platform (Database) that would:
– have possibility to organise content in hierarchy, with tags, links and interactions.
look something like MLO
-be open source technically as well as in content (like Wiki).

Why not to use available technology to create comprehensive collection of human knowledge available to everyone?

Mission, Vision of the page.

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