Presenting the knowladge

Basic idea of the concept is to PRESENT the knowledge and make it awailabyle and understandable to everyone.

Presenting the knowledge:
Knowledge is fragmented and veiled in differend sources.
Fragmentation – no surce even enciclopedie containd all of the knowladge available. One cant ever see and descriobe all from same viewing angle.
Veiled – There are planty of interpretations, that can  just point to the facts and the truth. Reading one source you can be deprived of seeing all.

Makeing knowladge Awailable and Understandable.
All of the knowldage is awailable somewhere on the internet, but it does not mean it is awailable to those who need it.
To understand one subject you can explore it yourself. To understendmore about life you need to see clear representation that consider aslo your background knowledge and could be fitted to your capabilities to udnerstand.

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