Editing program

WordPress is a good basis. Cooperative work on Wikipedia also.

Who have to add anything to an article can use “constructive comments”, write editors a message or start editing himself.

  •  “constructive comments” are just like normal webpages comment to frontpage users, they are just easyer to manage for editor (see below).

In your profile you can edit any page you want. Beside ordinary “WYSIWYG” editor you have several useful functions:

  • you can see which words will be automatically hyperlinked to certain other page. You can deselect words, set how many times hyperlink appears or add another words to be hyperlinked specifically (upgrade of existing functionalities).
  • you get suggestions to what other articles is written content related. (automated like zottero, simple like Insights WP extension)
  • you get suggestions to what web content is written related. (like zottero and Insights, but more open and costumizable )

you just click to add link/picture/content to selected place in the article.

  • Comments and article-related messages are displayed below editing window. When answered/included can be checked accomplished.

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