There are several areas, where the concept, could (we think Should) be used.
It want to bring more understanding to the subject.

Quotes, proverbs…
Each quote have its area of relevance and context of origin. –
They contain some truth and point to important aspects of life.
-> Quotes are tagged for context and meaning they point into. Tags are links to explanation of term/concept.
This way meaning of quote is more obvious  also for those who did not know background of them.

Ideas, Brainstorms,..

“You get from time to time interesting idea. If you can’t put it into some content you forget it and don’t act upon it.”
There is (to be crated) platform where you cen write your idea(s) down. You can put it into context, by: tags(like Catch *), tree structure(Idea tree *), description (Task list *), hierarchy,  linking to connected,…
When such a database is sheared you can get great brainstorming, when made open-sourced you get wisdom (Site concept).

Site Concept must essentially stay open sourced and non commercialized. Other way it will not reach its purpose and potentials, but stay at average or degrade completely.

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