Health and medicine

Health and related themes are great playground for the site concept:

  • There are plenty of different researches that are very often contradicting, beside that are
  • doctrines from religions,
  • established procedures “from nature”,
  • practices some “gurus” developed and even
  • surprising things like “placebo effect”.

What is the truth about all that, where someone should turn onto, what is really beneficial to you in your situation???

My concept:

  • The concept is not to offer you a correct answer and dismiss others possibilities. It always notice you there are other interpretations  and probably  also solutions.
  • The concept is to build database where you can search topic of your interest in level/aspect you are interested in.

For example: you have one symptom of illness. The database show you there could be more illnesses causing this symptom  so it offer you detailed questions to define more exactly . Even when you have defined illness, there are different interpretations of causes  for it and there out resulting prevention actions needed as well as cures you need to take to regain health.


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