Science publishing

Nowadays there is too much of form in Science. Knowledge is paced into wery specific form of article that is lost in overflow of scientific magazines.

  1. New scientists firstly have to learn art of writing article to get recognition of his successful research.

  2. The news that could be said in a sentence is packed into 10 page long article.
  3. It is time consuming reviewing (to you) new scientific subfield for existing knowledge and understanding.
  4. There are “lost treasures” because of different language in others scientific fields you don’t understand.

I suggest kinda database, where all knowledge could be stored.

  1. Each discovery (one sentence) is stored in context of scientific field,  research object(s), metodologies, author(s), publishments, founderd, who entered data, …  It could be XML database.

  2. Searching is possible in different levels of tags/contexts according to ones interests.
  3. It mean big open sourced database and specialised software to manege it.

Especially useful would this database-like publishing be in fields like cell signaling, where are plenty of signaling chains,  lots of signaling agents and countless interactions, discoveries were made in different organisms, with different metods, some findigs are species specific other universal to all organisms…

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