Healthy diet

What is healthy diet?
It means an appropriate
amount , composition and schedule of food you consume during the day.

If diet is appropriate  everything goes smoothly.  The body is also capable of great compensations, but when you have too long unapropriate diet  problems arise.  Unhelythy eating habits cause of many inconveniences and health problems.
If you want to live long wholesome life and if we want to be active in that the stress-full world, you must look at the “Wellness” (Health care for body and soul).

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You have to avoid 3 white poisons: sugar, salt and bleached flour.

Some people are more sensitive about the diet.

-Best for baby’s is breast-feeding  be careful also by first foods.
-Pregnant woman and  woman that is breast-feeding “need to eat for two”. Not in sense of amount but in sense of nutrition.
-People with allergies, certain illnesses, and in defined life periods must also adjust their diet…
Clean foods are those without man-made sugars, hydrogenated fats, trans-fats and other unnecessary ingredients  


Helthy foods…  ginseng-tea,


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