Components of food

.Food is composed of planty of ingredients and molecules.
Basicaly we devide it to Protien, fats, carbohidrates, minerals and vitamins.
Each of that ingrediantes is important and we need it in defined amounts.  GDA, RDA,

Basical source of energy in the body.

There are planty diferet.

Saveing exra energy.   In the diet hey are often problematized. You better avoid them. The danger of fats is overestimated.  Some try to fight fats by and cost: Proactol Fat Binder Prehranska piramida Prehranska piramida Prehranska piramida
Good fats; Omega-3 *
Are important organic molecules that body can not form but need to get it from the food.
Antioksidants are helping cells fixing free radicals.  opis slike opis slike

Bring no energy or nutreition to the body by itself, but they are very important. They help digestion: easier flow of food trought digestive tract, binding fets and cholestero. They prohibite constipation. Give feeling of satiation.

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