Drink water

Water is most important nutrition, and component of your diet.
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It is important for all of functions of our body and it make 60-80% of its weight.

In the body metabolism need lot of water. Water id needed in the digestion, functioning of endocrine glands and other inner organs, it enables secretion of useless and harmful substances and enables defence of body.
http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_PizIBm7PYBA/Svj-9GsonuI/AAAAAAAAC8c/h_nJp5XA5io/s400/fn7_waterinbody.jpg http://www.ec.gc.ca/eau-water/B97AED14-939B-48BA-BDBC-A3ACC70AB75B/e-Body_of_water.gif


Deficit of water in the body can reflect in from fleeting warnings to serious damage of organs.
Headache, migraine, constipation,…

You shall drink daily 1 litre of water on each 25kg of your body weight (1l/25kg). When sweating and otherwise losing water you should drink even more. Meant is clear water. Some drinks (like coffee) are taking more water for processing than they bring to body. Some drinks contain too much of sugar or other not optimal components.
Too much of watter:  As allways is also by water moderation imprtant. When you drignk to much of too clear water (e you can get problems.


Water turnover in body.

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