Good and Bad

Fight between good and bad is known in all cultures. Wiki.

There are many expresion for Good : Bad duality. . It is presend from “natural peoples” to psycho-science, from religion to philosophy, from personality to the nature.

GoodBad (most common)
God    -  Satan
Yang   – Yin
Angel  – Devil
Love    – Evel,…
What determine if it is good or bad and set the recompense or punishement? :
Moral/Ethic, God, Commandments, Karma, “Nature”, Law/Regulation …

All evil come from people minds and deeds, nature is as it is.
Multitude, especialy ideology driven, is able to do more bad thigs than all individualy together (… efect). Even if thery are smart, intelecual, educated… grup.

Bad hides, do not want to be reavaled, shere darknes, fog unclarity and Seperatness.(iduvidualism)
Good reval,is light that shines and. It clear the Truth.

  Top 10 personalities od+ and -.

If the concept of this site is true, good and bad will fight upon it. Bad will try to prevent to be revealed as such.

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