Use your head

or Think with your head, freedom of mind

If you don’t want to be splashed away, cheated, neglected,… you have to think with your own head.,+you+have+feet+in+your+shoes,+you+can+steer+yourself+in+any+direction+your+choose+-+Dr.+Suess.jpg

It is about your freedom, freedom of mind. It is your last remeining freedom. Jet it is first people give away.

There is there is no person or institution to take care about you (real you).   You are responsible for your life.

You are bombarded from all sides, everyone want something from you. It is up to you what you will follow, agree to, think and feel about it all.

Thinking is powerful:

often: don’t consider, but should:

Open for new:

Life is always new, welcome it!

Don’t be paranoic about unknown thing in life (try rather Pronoia). Life is changing, don’t close!

Only when you go forward you move somewhere. If you stop developing (personaly, company) you go backwards. Like trees – you die.



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