Information availability

The availability of informations  is limited by:

  • Distractions in Information flow:
  1. Those possessing it are not wiling to share it (free). (science publishing, journalism, business, gurus, religions, …
  2. Presentation of information is limited by writer/talker filtration in mind.
  3. Limitations of language/words, that can not describe properly.
  4. Unwillingness of reader/listener to accept information
  5. State of mind reader/listener is in and his filtration
  • Overflow of unimportant informations like gosiping, news, addvertises,… So you don’t get infomations important to you.

With the site concept those limitations shell be diminished.

  1. Free sharing from those who have access to information. Open sourced like Wikipedia.
  2. and 3. Many authors share link to their explanation and briefly present it on the site.
  3. Society arrange authors contributions in best understandable way. Some phrases are in-line explained.
  4. By provoking curiosity it gain interest of user.
  5. Different explanations offer user choose his favourite, but still make him aware of others.

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