Reprogramming mind

You can change the way you think and thereby your world.

It is possible to program your (sub.consciousness) mind. You always do, by what you let yourself to think.

If you don’t pay attention to programming of your mind you are programmed directly by others: People around you, media, advertises, institutions.

Your mind is programmed from time you exist

10 tips program-your-subconscious-mind

Methods: Or Hypnosis  Flow state.1, Trance.1, Meditation,  being in the zone, Being in now,  …

It is altered state of awareness triggered spontaneously, by intend or experienced person.
It can help you change your way of thinking, Attitude to life, habits, Mind and awareness.

Trough religious means.
Methods are used in neurolingusitic programming

Dangerous?. About, Blog,1.  Dependence (to master, guru, teacher,…) and addictions or (bad)habits could be established.

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