People tend to convert ideas into Ideologies.,TopRight,35,-73_OU01_AA300_.jpg
People like to belive in something and stad (and die) for it. Others use it up to get pover and money. To spred ideology you have to spreat it and make people belive you.
Than you bild a sistem and you need to supres people not accepting your ideology
It hapened planty of time.
It happened in practicaly all religions,
Christ -> Christian ideology>
Chomunism, freedom fighters, anarchy,…,1209130420,8/stock-vector-old-communism-poster-11912926.jpg just look at one
But in reality it always brought terror of minority.
Darvinisem, Science,  ->

They talk about it like that: In islam.1,2; in Chatolic,1,2; human rights,1,

To protect yourself and society you shell:
Be open minded, question autority, dont fallow crowd,

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