Intestine problems

Stomac, Gastic.   Helicobacter_pylori cousing gastritis, stomach inflamination, gastric or peptic ulcer and cancer. Diagnosis. Treatment. Simptoms cen be coused also by taking aspirin or NSAIDs…


Flatulence/fart/gas/flatus/blurping is normal side product of digestion. Quantity is depend on constitution, eating and drinking habits, lactose intoleranc,heartburn, GERD, In other cases, chronic belching is related to inflammation of the stomach lining (gastritis), peptic ulcer disease or delayed stomach emptying (gastroparesis).
Prevention by Behavior (eating and drinking slowly,  no smoking, gums and hart candy) ,Diet,*;no carbonated drinks,  enzyme, suplement, Simethicone, internal deo,
external deo, s

Bloating/   Constipation by children and adults. Prevention1: High-fiber diet, Plenty of liquids, Regular Exercise, Hear your body(regular bovel muvement), but be careful about stumulants und drugs (addictive).

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