or Teaching or Learning.
Getting knowledge/uderstanding/wisdom form one to another.

Real education is not remembering but understanding.

Present education system is often making educated idiots (repetition, confirming), not open minded creators. It kill creativity?    Some-way, it was better even in medieval: Scholasticism,

To learn we need motivation. People don’t want to know the truth/whats right/other aspects/others view..
Learning starts  before birth and should never stop.  It Works also subliminal.
Pedagogic aproaches(PDF):  Creative pedagogy, Team-based learning, Gestalt therapy

Limitations to education.  You can limit yourself by Aroganc, Ignoranc and Laziness. Limited access: mony, availability, prohibition – bias, censorcheep, filter bubbles.


Initatives to make education better:

TED OLPC, science; GEOSET, MIT  ;     wolfram-alpha TED,


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